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What do Security Folks think about DAST?

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Note that this a collection of tweets about DAST (excluding any specific company pitch). In general, it seems like many companies are unable to utilize the potential of DAST yet because of limitations in most of DAST tools. This opens up opportunity for people to create new DAST tool to overcome current problems.


  • Many AppSec folks are struggling to get any real value out of commercial DAST tools. Many problems include tools being unable to record Authentication properly and test coverage issues.
  • OWASP ZAP and Burp Enterprise Scanner are popular tools used in DAST automation in DevSecOps pipeline.
  • Some AppSec folks are proxying their QA stage to ZAP or Burp in order to improve test coverage of DAST scan.
  • DAST biggest issue in modern apps is not exactly ‘testing’ or even ‘detecting’ vulns, but crawling the same website to identify to the attack surface.” ~ Jeremiah Grossman
  • OWASP Attack Surface Mapper tries to use SAST to pre-seed attack surface for DAST scan.

Interesting Tweets about DAST

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