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Notes on Learning from Huberman

How do we trigger neuroplasticity?

  • High Focus
  • High Alertness


  • Monitor your alertness rhythm (Do you tend to be more alert in the morning or evening?)
  • When trying a productivity technique, you need to evaluate if it increases your autonomic arousal level.

High Alert state

  • You do not need music for focusing
  • Good for performing linear implementation of work (where you already know what you are going to do)

Low Alert state

  • Some music can help with increasing alertness
  • Good for performing some creative brainstorming and implementation of creative ideas
  • Deep Rest for 30 mins in the late afternoon (when you are feeling less alert)

Useful Heuristics

  • Get sunlight during the first 30 mins of the day
  • Delay caffeine intake for 2 hours after waking
  • Hydrates yourself after waking up and throughout the day
  • Exercise early in the day can help with High alertness and activate the tendency for action.
  • Avoid light exposure between 10pm to 4 am (use Dim light).


  • Fasting in the morning.
  • First meal at middle of day
    • Eat as little carbs as possible as it makes us feel sleepy
    • More protein and salad
  • Evening meal
    • More carbs (as it helps with sleep later)
    • Some protein